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How You Ensure Electrical Safety In Your Hydroponics Urban Garden

Gotta have safety first in your urban garden Gotta have safety first in your urban garden

One of the main concerns you have for your urban garden as a hydroponics grower is not just maximum yield, but maximum safe yield.

Let me share with you a sad but all too common story relating to HID lights, electricity and urban garden safety…

Josh was a well-meaning dude with little practical experience in trades like electrical, plumbing and drywall. But he was way into hydroponics and he went all the way real fast, buying carbon filters, a fancy timed ebb and flow system, an upgraded electrical panel, 5000 watts worth of HID lights, and a C02 generator.

He went top of the line for his hydroponics plants except for one thing that he considered insignificant: the power strips and wall outlets he plugged his gear into.

All he did was go to Home Depot and pick up what the store guy told him was heavy duty, lightning resistant power strips, and some clock timers. That’s what he plugged his hydroponics lights and other electricals into.

Yes, he noticed that when his HID ballasts fired up the lights in his house kind of dimmed and flickered. He noticed radio frequency interference because he didn’t have the latest generation digital ballasts.

He noticed his power strips were super hot to the touch. He handled that by putting insulating material around them.

But then he went away for almost five days and broke down in tears when he found that his main power cord had shorted and shut down. It was the cord with two of his lights, his light timers, and his hydroponics pump timer on it.

If you suspect that his pump shut off and didn’t come back on for several days, drought-smacking his urban garden plants, you’re right.

Not only that, the loss of lighting for two fifths of his garden stressed his plants, and cost him a loss in maximum yield potential.

But hey, it could have been worse. I’ve met growers whose hair turned gray overnight when their electrical strips, wall plugs or lighting controllers failed in a way that totally ruined a crop cycle or started a fire.

Fortunately for all of us hydroponics growers, hydroponics industry electrical engineers with real-world urban garden experience have stepped in to give you the kind of rock solid electrical equipment you need for maximum yield and peace of mind.

So now in the modernized 21st century hydroponics era you get lighting controllers that have massive banks of outlets, ground fault circuit interruption (GFCI) circuit breaker protection that keeps you from being electrocuted when water leaks in your urban garden, specialty-coated relay circuits that starts and stops electricity flow while also increasing electrical efficiency so you get more light per watt, and your choice of safe timing features that allow you to precisely control when your lights go on and off.

Electricity can be a hydroponics friend or foe

What you want is to find all these features with bulletproof materials and components, time-tested in the typical megawatt urban garden under heavy load, encased in a housing that’s worthy of your demand for ultimate safety and performance.

The latest buzz on this kind of confidence-building hydroponics urban garden safety equipment is what I heard at the recent huge-attendance hydroponics shows in California… all about this awesome California company called “Powerbox” that makes lighting controllers in the good ole US of A with the craftsmanship, product flexibility and safety features that make you, your urban garden and electricity get along just fine.

Ok, hydroponics growers, you sleep better at night and enjoy your harvests a lot more when you use the right kind of lighting controllers and other electricity gear in your hydroponics urban garden!

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Last modified on Friday, 22 October 2010 20:42

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