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Roughing It: Gear That’s Rooting for You to Succeed

Check out some of these cool products for outdoor (and indoor) growers. Check out some of these cool products for outdoor (and indoor) growers.


Check out this cool gear for all you outdoor growers who are roughing it in the wilderness in order to bring your delicious crops to market. Your hard work is well worth it, but that hard work is made a little easier when you have the right equipment. Grower guru Erik Biksa has you covered with this great info. Check it out.

Tact with a Tomahawk

The Tactical Tomahawk from SOG Specialty Knives and Tools is a reasonably priced all-around tool to have when venturing out to create a remote gardening site in the great outdoors.

The design is inspired by the tomahawks favored by SOG (Studies and Observations Group) corps during the Vietnam conflict, due to their versatility of use under the most demanding conditions.

Use the side of it like a hammer, and use the blade to cut through stubborn roots or for clearing brush. The pick-end opposite the blade is also great for digging or even for helping to pull yourself up embankments.

With an SOG Tactical Tomahawk strapped on, you can cover a lot of ground on foot while carrying this one handy tool. Weighing in at just over 1.5 lbs., the SOG Tactical Tomahawk will free you to carry more items to the garden while ensuring that you won’t be left empty-handed when you need a rugged and versatile tool within arm’s reach. Considered by some a must-have for remote gardening trips and treks.

A slightly smaller and more compact version called the FastHawk is also available.

Tactical Tomahawk - $65
SOG Specialty Knives and Tools - sogknives.com

Training for Success

Root Trainers are a proven propagation system widely adapted by silviculture (tree reforestation) professionals because the system helps to produce sturdier, deeper-rooted cuttings and seedlings that will stand a better chance of becoming established in less forgiving outdoor settings.

The Root Trainer system is also preferred by researchers who like to be able to inspect a plant’s root system without damaging the roots or creating shock at transplant. This is because the Root Trainer cells are hinged for easy opening and closing, so plant roots aren’t damaged at critical times. The main benefit for the Rosebud gardener is that the system produces very deep-rooted plants in a minimum amount of space; just the ticket for producing batches of seedlings ready for transplant outdoors into your favorite remote gardening site.

Root Trainers are totally reusable, too, so they lessen the impact on the environment and on your pocketbook. Simply clean and refill with your favorite propagation medium like Sunshine or Pro Mixes.

Root Trainers - $12.95 for 32 cells
Sundry - backyardgardener.com

MaxLumes for max Blooms

Full-spectrum fluorescent lighting is an ideal source of warmth and light energy for raising healthy young transplants from seeds or cuttings. The T-5 fluorescent plant lighting systems that are now available to growing enthusiasts are light-years better than the old fluorescent shop lights gardeners were forced to use in the past to raise their transplants in late winter for spring planting.
The MaxLume T-5 fluorescent grow light by CAPS (Custom Automated Products) is no exception. The fixtures are available in a variety of widths and lengths, with varying numbers of lamps. The lamps are also available in grow, bloom, or blended spectrums, depending on what range of lighting you will want to supply for your favorite plants.

With the larger models of MaxLume T-5s, you can start with enough seeds or cuttings to eventually grow a small field of plants, raising them to a fair size under the fixture before transplant into the great outdoors. For smaller growers, you can even use the fixture in winter months to grow mature plants for year-round small-scale fruit, flower, or herb production. If you can finish your plants less than two feet tall, T-5 illuminated indoor gardens can produce a reasonable yield of very high quality relative to their ease of use and power consumption.

MaxLume FL48M - $260 (eight T-5 bulbs included)
Custom Automated Products - randmsupply.com


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Put that tomahawk to good use!
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