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Hydroponics Retail: A Growing Success That You Could Get Into

Hydroponics retailing can be the key to your growing your $$$$$! Hydroponics retailing can be the key to your growing your $$$$$!

Sometimes those 1000-watt lightbulb in the head moments come to you in a flash, and it could be the time you walk into a hydroponics retail store and say to yourself- I want to do this, I want my own hydroponics store.

And hey, that’s not just a great idea, that’s a smart idea…because owning your own hydroponics business is a way to get yourself so much more of what you love about hydroponics gardening, and make serious money at it too.

Just imagine yourself poring through hydroponics equipment catalogues with all those alluring ballasts, fans, light movers, C02 generators, root zone materials, bulbs, grow chambers, and knowing that you get all that choice in deciding what you and other growers get to use to grow the biggest, most exciting crops they’ve ever seen.

With the hydroponics industry taking off like a rocket because hydroponics is one of few growth industries in today’s economy, now’s the time for you to consider making your move. So what’s it all about, getting started in hydroponics retailing…

The first thing you do is talk to a hydroponics retailer and staff members casually, or even just observe their working conditions when you’re shopping. See if you get a good vibe about the day in day out reality of selling hydroponics nutrients, equipment and supplies.

If you’re able to talk to a retail storeowner, think of it as a grand master hydroponics business seminar. Be sure to ask about start-up costs; they’re the beginning point in your decision-making process because you have to have enough cash on hand, or be able to borrow it, so you can get a store space, inventory, staff, store equipment and hydroponics nutrients, equipment and supplies.

Your start-up costs will depend on a lot of factors such as your geographic location, where you choose to site your store, how many employees you want to have, how big your initial inventory will be, government business license fees, advertising, and similar considerations.

In most cases, even if you’re just renting a small space and you start out real cautious as regards to staffing, shelving and hydroponics inventory, you’ll need $50,000 or more just to get your store open.

The funny thing is, with the way that hydroponics gardening has become so profitable for experienced growers using the best hydroponics nutrients, equipment, supplies and growing tactics, for some of you- $50,000 is money you’ve got just laying around earning less than 1% interest in a bank account.

Yes, that’s right…the money you earn and save from hydroponics gardening is actually decreasing in value when you compare the low interest you’re earning on it versus the rate of inflation.

So investing your hydroponics profits to open a retail store can often offer a great return on investment, provided you’ve done your homework ahead of time and you’re passionate about hydroponics retailing the same way you’re passionate about hydroponics growing.

Hydroponics start-up: Cash is Key and you’ve got it!

Hydroponics retailing is a multifaceted topic and we’ll look at the details in increments, so keep coming back to RosebudMag.com for more in our series on hydroponics retailing and your keys to hydroponics retailing success.

What you can be assured of is that if you do your homework so you open your hydroponics store in a good location, provide your customers what they want, and treat everyone with respect and professionalism, you can be a hydroponics retailer and have a better life because of it.

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Last modified on Friday, 22 October 2010 20:52

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