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Hydroponics Urban Garden Spinner Rotates Your Hydroponics Plants for Maximum Yield

Spin your hydroponics urban garden plants for maximum yield Spin your hydroponics urban garden plants for maximum yield

When you as a hydroponics gardener running an indoor hydroponics urban garden look at all the grow chambers, grow tents, vertical hydroponics gardens and other hydroponics gardening devices, you might get dizzy with all those choices.

If your hydroponics plants aren’t prone to getting dizzy, they might enjoy their ride in one of the most innovative hydroponics gardening chambers in the hydroponics gardening marketplace.

The device is a self-contained flood and drain circular-shaped grow chamber called the Spinner, and when you see it operating, you see very quickly why the name Spinner is very appropriate for this hydroponics gardening device.

Ideal for growing smaller-sized plants in rockwool or similar substrate in small spaces, the Spinner holds a dozen or more plants in individual growing stations inside the chamber, and rotates them 360 degrees around a central lighting unit (the Spinner manufacturer recommends a 430 watt Sun Agro bulb).

As the plants rotate in a circle for total light exposure on all sides, they’re automatically fed and their air temperature and aeration are handled by internal aeration fans and a 125 CFM built-in exhaust fan so the Spinner gives your hydroponics plants total air exchange on a regular basis.

These hydroponics growing units are totally self-contained and are designed to be stackable. For example, if you have a ceiling nine feet high, you can stack three Spinner units from floor to ceiling and still have a little head room.

When you stack Spinner units, you can use a special linkage device that allows you to use one pump to top-feed and gravity-feed all three units, saving time, money and hydroponics nutrients.

Not only that but because the Spinner constantly rotates your plants on their axis, your plants will grow in a very symmetrical way to give you dense, lush, sturdy branching that lends itself to extreme productivity.

The Spinner manufacturer says that the onboard motor that operates the Spinner should last you five years of constant use during the lights-on cycle (the motor doesn’t rotate your hydroponics plants during lights off cycles) and that replacement motors are easy to install and relatively inexpensive.

Not only that, but they say that the Spinner’s pump, motor, fans and other components consume a very small amount of electricity so that total electricity consumption baseline is very low compared to other chambers and rotation units.

Savvy hydroponics growers who use the Spinner note that it’s very sturdy because it’s made with professional materials; it has smooth operation and smart engineering.

The only worry some growers told me about is that if you’re not careful with light cycle timing, your plants could exceed the unit’s interior height. Some growers use plant growth regulators to stop vertical growth in situations like this.

Hydroponics urban garden stack and play maximum yield device.

For maximum light reflectivity, light isolation and security, the Spinner has sliding circular doors that completely enclose the indoor chamber. It comes with its own pots, and is a true plug and play hydroponics urban garden device. And it’s bigger than it looks in photos!

All in all, the Spinner is one of the best-built hydroponics urban garden devices we’ve seen and it’s going to give you a noticeable increase in maximum yield from smaller plants in limited space urban garden environments.

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