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  HID light manufactures, most indoor gardening distributors, and the majority of hydroponic retailers may not want to admit it, but horticultural lighting is taking a new direction. A few manufacturers are already embracing this new direction and producing some outstanding, innovative products.
  Greg Richter is an aviation and hydroponics engineer who created the PurGro GroBot Evolution. He contributed this article to Rosebud Magazine to help our readers better make sense of one of the most common types of grow lighting out there. Get the lowdown on HPS grow lights - check…
  One of the most taxing parts of harvest time is the tedious trimming. Spending hours upon hours hunched over your flowers working a pair of scissors can leave your shoulders, wrists and back aching. Thankfully, there’s Trim Bin, a new product that helps alleviate the awkward postures you end…
  Having highly reflective surfaces in the grow room contributes to bigger yields and more even growth patterns in your crop. For decades, growers have used reflective films and sheeting to meet these important objectives, but they have often missed one important consideration: infrared protection. With IR detecting drones soon…
  Being a hydroponic grower means more than mastering the art of horticulture. It almost always means knowing your way around a toolbox to construct the ideal environment for your crop. Here are some tools every grower should have handy.
  Ever want to know what exactly is happening when you test the pH levels in your hydroponic garden? It’s not as complicated as you might think. This new column will seek to explain the science that happens inside your grow room. Ready for a master class?
  More growers than ever before are trying LED lighting in their grow rooms, as this once experimental technology becomes proven in the eyes of horticulturists. Apache Tech LEDs are made specifically for growers who demand high production from their crop, as well as big savings on electricity and heat…
  The most successful companies in the industry often mirror the most successful growers — always pushing forward to the next level and avoiding riding the plateaus of former successes. Results that might satisfy or even astonish others simply aren’t enough for these dynamic individuals and companies. While it’s true that…
  The hydroponic industry is ever-evolving and continually bringing new, innovative products to consumers. This happens within every subcategory throughout the hydroponic industry as well; lighting, ventilation, soils/media, nutrients, and pest control are all evolving in their own right. With more and more indoor horticulturalists paying close attention to the…
  For years growers have tried to maximize their yields while minimizing costs and consumption in order to make their gardens as efficient as possible. There are many contributing factors that make up a highly productive indoor garden but none are as important to understand as light energy.

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