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Hydroponics growers ask a lot about coco coir versus rockwool for ebb and flow and drip irrigation hydroponics gardens. It’s one of the most frequent questions I get and the first thing I tell hydroponics gardeners is that Grodan, the premier manufacturer of hydroponics rockwool, has stepped up its game…
When you consider what your indoor hydroponics urban garden plants must have in order to give you maximum yield, one of the first things that comes to mind is hydroponics grow lights.
You use a hydroponics total dissolved solids (tds) or parts per million (ppm) meter to measure the amount of dissolved materials in your nutrients water, and it’s crucial for your crops that you get the amounts right. When you see meters discussed, you notice that the terms “ppm,” “EC” or …
Your hydroponics plants love light, but in most grow rooms, light is provided via a top-down method that sends a lot of light to the top of your plants with not much hitting underneath and inside the canopy where most of your flowers and leaves are.
We’ve talked before about rockwool, soil, and coco coir…three of the most popular root zone media you can use in your hydroponics garden. But hydroponics growers have flooded me with queries about the many other types of root zone media, while also mentioning that aeroponics growers don’t need any media…
Growing up is easier than you think, no matter how old you are…at least when you’re talking about hydroponics gardening. That’s because the traditional flatbed horizontal method of growing plants has competition from newer innovations such as rotary gardens and vertical gardens.
Sometimes those 1000-watt lightbulb in the head moments come to you in a flash, and it could be the time you walk into a hydroponics retail store and say to yourself- I want to do this, I want my own hydroponics store. And hey, that’s not just a great idea,…
Hydroponics gardening is increasing in popularity and you might be wondering if it’s for you. Or you might already be a hydroponics gardener considering whether to expand your hydroponics endeavors to get that sweet maximum yield we all know and love. Well, here are some seriously good reasons for you…
One of the most obvious needs you have in your hydroponics urban garden is electricity, and in most cases- lots of it. To get maximum yield, you’re using HID lights, probably a thousand watts each. If you’re a professional or grand master grower, you’re likely using 3000 watts or more…
When you as a hydroponics gardener running an indoor hydroponics urban garden look at all the grow chambers, grow tents, vertical hydroponics gardens and other hydroponics gardening devices, you might get dizzy with all those choices. If your hydroponics plants aren’t prone to getting dizzy, they might enjoy their ride…

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