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Who Gives a S**T about pH Perfect?

pH Perfect makes growers very happy because you get BIGGER YIELDS! pH Perfect makes growers very happy because you get BIGGER YIELDS! © RosebudMag.com

About a year ago, the Big Guy at Advanced Nutrients publicly acknowledged that after nearly a decade of research his scientists finally cracked the code unlocking the mysteries of nutrients absorption that have cost growers huge amounts of time, worry and money for decades.

Most growers rejoiced, but some cynical people said, “Who cares?” or “I don’t believe it.”

But now the game changer technology is on its way to retail stores. Let’s set the stage…

Ever since synthetic hydroponics nutrients were popularized decades ago, growers have been held hostage by chemistry…specifically the chemistry of how plants absorb nutrients from water.

It has to do with alkalinity and acidity, as well as the way essential plant growth elements are configured in hydroponics nutrients.

Until the game changer came along, the voice of the Hydroponics God was always ringing in your ear with Commandment Number One: Ye shall keep your nutrients water pH between 5.8 and 6.3 if ye want your plants to grow well and yield big!

When I was a hobbyist grower, I heard the holy commandment and hastened to follow it…invested in a pH meter that cost $80. I had to spend another $25 on cleaning solution and calibration solution. And another $29 on pH Up and ph Down.

Every so often I had to restock these solutions, and buy new meter batteries. I cleaned and calibrated my meter diligently, but it went bad after 9 months.

I didn’t know it had gone bad, so my nutrient solution was out of pH range for a long while. My meter was reading about 1.3 too high. What I thought was 5.9 pH was actually 4.6!

My plants’ leaves showed signs of hydroponics nutrient problems. I almost went crazy flushing my rockwool, throwing away my nutrient solution, and starting over again, and over again, and over again. Nothing worked…

Until a grand master grower laughed at me and said, “Hey, buddy, your pH meter sucks.” So I bought a new one for $350. I also had to buy a different brand of cleaning, storage, adjustment and calibration solutions.

Total cost with tax was well over $400 but man was I pleased with myself because I had a top of the line meter, with a 3-year guarantee!

And that expensive meter worked perfectly for a couple of years. After that, although the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS/ppm) probe kept working accurately, the pH probe went wonky on me, despite my frequent cleaning and calibrating.

The seller informed me that although the rest of the unit had a 3-year warranty, the pH probe only had a 6-month warranty! I had to buy a replacement pH probe (nearly $100 with tax) and also bought a lower-priced pH meter to use as a backup.

When the expensive meter worked, I discovered that your hydroponics nutrient water pH fluctuates along with the metabolism, light cycle and phase of your plants. It’s also affected by the nutrients brand you use, and  your water source and cleanliness.

These pH fluctuations interfere with your plants’ ability to absorb nutrients, so you get slower growth, reduced yield, wasted money and time.  In extreme cases, your plants die.

And most growers are chronically unhappy about ongoing costs for calibration fluids, pH adjustment fluids, and cleaning fluids. I personally detest how pH Down gave me an ugly burn scar on my right arm. It still hurts!

But what makes me feel free and happy is that the big guy at Advanced Nutrients just announced that his Bigger Yields pH Perfect™ system is headed to hydroponics stores in most states by the end of September 2010. Ask your retailer to get you some.

What does this new system do for you? Oh, just a few things such as…

It eliminates you having to worry about pH, it saves you money and time, it standardizes your nutrients mixing and application, it’s customized for your level of hydroponics growing expertise, it delivers a wider range of nutrients into your plants faster and more efficiently, it features liquid beneficial microbes formulas, it supercharges your base nutrients and bloom supplements, and it delivers you faster growth and bigger yields.

The Big Guy guarantees all that in writing, with a moneyback guarantee.

So who cares about pH Perfect? Anyone who cares to participate in the most important, yield-boosting, liberating innovation in hydroponics history…that’s who!

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