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Hydroponics Gardening Security

Hydroponics plants and equipment need security protection. Hydroponics plants and equipment need security protection.

Hydroponics gardening often involves high-tech equipment and generates substantial profits for you. Times are hard, and people may try to take your hydroponics plants, equipment, freedom or money. That’s why I’m writing this series of hydroponics gardening security articles. Some techniques for protecting your hydroponics investment include:



  • Magnetic contact sensors for doors and windows. These automatically detect when a door or window is opened. It’s useful to alarm your hydroponics grow room door, especially if you have children, friends or relatives whose curiosity is annoying or worse.
  • If you use an alarm panel, make sure it’s not connected to the police or fire departments. Get one that will dial you when there’s an emergency and make sure to get a wireless panel. The wireless feature prevents burglars cutting phone lines to disable the effectiveness of your alarm panel.
  • Use glassbreak detectors to detect the sound of glass windows breaking. Some of these use microphones to detect the sound of breaking glass. Others detect vibrations or shockwaves that are caused by breaking windows, or a door being forced open. The best glassbreak sensors combine these elements to reduce false alarms.
  • Use motion sensors inside and outside to determine if an intruder is moving in or around your premises. Some detectors use microwave sensors to detect movement, others use infrared. Microwave sensors are the more effective of the two because they offer wider coverage than infrared sensors. The only negative aspect of microwave sensors is that their strong sensitivity makes them vulnerable to interference from other electrical devices. The most effective motion sensors combine microwave and infrared.
  • For home hydroponics gardeners, it’s extremely valuable to have a temperature sensor that alerts your alarm panel if the ambient temperature reaches a specified high or low level. You can also greatly benefit from flood sensors that detect water leaks and similar mishaps. Flood sensors are affixed to hydroponics grow room floors.
  • Along with detecting extremes in temperature, or floods, you can also get sensors that detect smoke, fire, electrical interrupt, and carbon monoxide. All of these are useful safety detectors in hydroponics indoor gardening. Be aware that some hydroponics C02 generation devices put out carbon monoxide! Carbon Monoxide is completely invisible and odorless. After a longer period of exposure to carbon monoxide your body becomes oxygen starved, which can result in tissue damage and eventually, death. In some conditions, the average adult male can die in as little as 90 minutes from carbon monoxide.


Hydroponics security you can do yourself.


These are just a few of the tactics you use to increase your hydroponics garden security. In future articles, we’ll give you more tactics so you securitize your hydroponics garden, equipment, plants and profits. It’s good to remember that you can install hydroponics security equipment yourself, so strangers don’t have access to your private life. Be safe!

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