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Hydroponics Security in the Twitter, Facebook, Texting World, Cellular World

Surveillance drones: From the battlefield to your neighborhood Surveillance drones: From the battlefield to your neighborhood

Hydroponics growers aren’t the only people concerned about privacy, confidentiality and the right to be left alone, but discrimination against hydroponics has made hydroponics growers especially alert to threats against their security and privacy. At the same time, most of us are fully immersed in the world of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Blackberry, I-phone and other communications electronics. Can your hydroponics world fit with this electrocommunications world so you still have your security and privacy? Let’s look at the situation…

We’ve lost a lot of privacy in the last few years, and the most vigorous assault on our communications and privacy security started after 9-11-2001, but the claim that we had ironclad security and privacy before that is exaggerated. North American governments have long used clandestine surveillance, infiltration, and bogus claims on search warrants, to compromise rights granted under our nation’s charters.

For sure, after 9-11 the assault on privacy has become more blatant, and it is framed as being a necessary part of the “war on terror.” In the last decade, the US government for example has asked all the major telecommunications companies to secretly provide real-time tracking and communications data on tens of thousands of people.

In most cases, the government didn’t use a search warrant or other legal pressure to get the telecom companies to compromise customer confidentiality. The telecoms voluntarily handed over access to customer records and communications, and then stonewalled customers who asked them about it. The government created special loopholes to give the telecoms legal protection when they got caught helping the government spy on people!

Recent reports indicate that governments are increasingly asking Twitter, Facebook and similar companies to give up the names, addresses, secret data and posted data of people who use social networking sites.

In many cases, this is a fishing expedition. The government has no real evidence that you’re doing anything wrong, but given the hundreds of millions of dollars the government spends on private and government surveillance agents, they have a lot of time and resources to sift through your words and pictures.

It’s called “data mining.” What it means is the governments have the fastest computers in the world, and lots of them…and these computers are programmed to examine millions of texts, twitters, and other communications, looking for key words. They also look at what people post as comments on sites such as Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, MSNBC and other forums.

Given the declining quality of life and infrastructure in these countries, as well as the alleged bankruptcy our governments are facing so that they cut back essential services such as schools and health care, one wonders how the government has the resources to engage in such expansive surveillance.

If you love science fiction, then rejoice- because surveillance and government intrusion is heading into hyperdrive. Governments are adding radio frequency identifier (RFID) chips into your identity documents, and they use RFID to survey you from afar.

Your cellular phone, if it’s on or off with a charged battery in it, is used as a remote tracking device. Domestic police agencies are buying surveillance predator drones that they fly over your neighborhood as low as 400 feet. Court rulings have ok’d the use of information gathered in these warrantless searches as admissible in court.

Police agencies, neuropsychological industries and the Pentagon are spending tens of millions of dollars designing remote “lie detector” devices. These can be used during a traffic stop or other police-citizen contact. The device measures involuntary cues such as eye changes, chemistry changes, body language, voice, body temperature, breathing changes and other physiological markers that are allegedly correlated with dishonesty. If the device decides you are lying, the officer believes he has “probable cause” to interrogate you or detain you. And I want to emphasize that these devices work without you being hooked up to them or even knowing they’re in use- unlike traditional lie detector machinery.

Unless we protest this technology and regain the legal protections that used to be in governmental charters of rights, we’re going to lose all our privacy, and more. Already in the works are high-tech medicalized police devices that use brain scan technology to evaluate a person’s honesty, character, and attitude towards authority.

This is coupled with a pharmaceutical lobotomizing of children in a consciousness-scripting system that labels bright, non-conforming children as defective. Parents and teachers sometimes don’t like children who ask too many questions or are too active. These children are often dosed with pharmaceutical methamphetamines such as Ritalin and Adderall so that their personalities are made more compliant and docile.

Always someone there to “help” you


Hydroponics growers are freedom fighters and I’m sure most of you are already very cautious about your participation in Facebook, Twitter, texting and cellular voice communications. Given that you never know who’s listening in, you take precautions. And now that you’ve seen the full range of privacy invasion techniques, you’ll be an even more security-conscious hydroponics gardener. For example, you can get the new low frequency digital ballast that doesn’t emit radio frequency interference (RFI) that’s detectable outside your hydroponics room. Welcome to the brave new world…you have to be brave to live in it. I know you’ll be sure to protect the privacy of yourself and your hydroponics garden against the prying eyes of Big Brother and all his friends!

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