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Whale Wars, Dolphin & Whale Slaughter, and Hydroponics Heroes

  • Written by  Karl Kalyx, Guest Writer
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Have you ever thought about what it means to be a “hero?”

One way we define a hero is someone who does something super-good even though it’s hard and requires a sacrifice or a lot of courage to do it.

Some characteristics of a hero could be:

  • Courageously works to make the world a better place
  • Doesn’t always play by the rules
  • Challenges the status quo
  • Makes personal sacrifice to do what’s right
  • Often hated and slagged by the status quo

The reason I bring this up has to do with an Oscar-winning movie, and hydroponics grow expos. Let me explain the connection…

The night before I went to a hydroponics expo, I watched the Academy Award Oscar-winning documentary for 2009. It’s called “The Cove.”

The movie is gritty and heartbreaking. It features several valiant people, including. Ric O’Barry, a former dolphin trainer who now crusades against marine mammal theme parks, as well as against the heartless annual slaughter of hundreds of dolphins by Japanese fishermen in a cove on the coast of Japan.

O’Barry and his crew of former military personnel, champion skin-divers and documentary filmmakers risked their lives to use high-tech surveillance and secret cinematography equipment to capture exclusive footage of the Japanese dolphin slaughter.

For decades, O’Barry has been getting himself arrested or otherwise attacked while physically freeing dolphins from captivity.

The Cove heroes get slagged for trying to save dolphinsThe Cove heroes get slagged for trying to save dolphinsO’Barry is hated by the Japanese fishing industry and by the owners of marine mammal theme parks such as SeaWorld.

He’s banned from meetings of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) because he openly exposes the IWC’s complicity in crafting loopholes that allow Japan and other countries to kill sea mammals.

O’Barry tells the truth and backs his words with actions, so he’s not welcome in organizations that thrive on double-talk and backroom deals.

The Cove also features Captain Paul Watson, a Canadian ocean advocate who has been beaten up, arrested and threatened with death for his conservation work.

Watson tried to personally stop the annual killing of tens of thousands of seal pups by Canadian hunters, and is lucky to still be alive. The hunters, and the Canadian military, have tried to get rid of him- permanently.

He now has his own Animal Planet reality show, Whale Wars, in which he and his crew defend pods of whales against Japanese fishermen who use explosives and other methods to kill whales.

For his efforts, Watson has been viciously defamed, physically attacked, banned from most countries, arrested, and branded an eco-terrorist.

He’s even been attacked by Greenpeace and other environmental organizations; they say he’s “too extreme.”

Like many visionaries and crusaders, O’Barry and Watson have intense personalities and use in your face tactics. They are fond of calling people hypocrites, and worse. You can see why someone who makes money by imprisoning sea mammals, spearing dolphins, harpooning whales or clubbing seal pups would hate them.

Which leads me to the hydroponics industry, another realm dominated by a powerful status quo that engages in backroom deals and other bad trips.

I asked the folks who run so-called indoor gardening and hydroponics expos why Advanced Nutrients (the sponsor of rosebudmag.com) is banned from the events.

Their answer is that Advanced Nutrients has the audacity to be honest about hydroponics gardening and hydroponics industry corruption, so they aren’t welcome.

Of course Advanced Nutrients isn’t welcome…just like O’Barry and Watson aren’t welcome.

And sure, Ric O’Barry could be a rich and well-liked guy, allowed to attend IWC meetings and make money from marine mammal captivity parks, if only he wouldn’t show video of the ocean turning blood red because of dolphin slaughter.

Watson could save himself a lot of trouble if he would just stop trying to prevent the Japanese from killing hundreds of whales per year, if he would just shut up about the bloodied seal pups clubbed to death in front of their mothers.

And Advanced Nutrients might be “allowed” to pay lots of money for vendor booths at Maximum Yield or Urban Garden grow expos…if only Advanced Nutrients would stop trying to clean up the hydroponics industry so that all hydroponics growers are treated with respect, and given access to the highest-yielding hydroponics supplies and information.

But why should we be surprised that some heroes are treated badly? Look what happened to Jesus- he was a poor carpenter who healed the sick, fed the poor, and preached about forgiveness and love for three years. His reward: they crucified him.

At least O’Barry, Watson, and the dudes who run Advanced Nutrients go to sleep at night knowing they stand up for what’s right, even though it means being dissed by the greedy folks who want to continue doing cruel business as usual.

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Karl Kalyx is a regular reader of RosebudMag.com, your online hydroponics lifestyle magazine. Rosebud magazine thanks him for contributing this guest-written hydroponics article.

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