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21st Century air-cooled hydroponics lighting 21st Century air-cooled hydroponics lighting

Most of us hydroponics growers have one major goal: increase maximum yield and efficiency so we see the largest and most valuable hydroponics harvests possible. Here are some surefire ways to make your bigger yields dreams come true…

Consider changing your grow room from being a regular vented grow room to being a hydroponics Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) room. This is also known as a “sealed room.” Take a look at the basic features of a sealed hydroponics grow room:

  • No Exhaust or Intake Fans
  • Industrial air conditioning for temperature and humidity control
  • Dehumidifier for additional humidity control
  • Carbon dioxide generators or tanks for increased CO2 levels
  • Infrared carbon dioxide monitors to control CO2 output accurately
  • Recirculating carbon scrubbers with fans to maintain air quality

While the initial setup for a CEA room requires some cashola (more than it costs to start conventional setups where you exhaust air outside the room and bring in fresh air from outside), the maximum yield payoff from CEA will likely make up for hydroponics CEA start-up costs.

CEA is rad: imagine creating the “perfect” hydroponics growing environment year round that gives you total control over your hydroponics plants and what they experience.

CEA is rad: imagine creating the “perfect” hydroponics growing environment year round that gives you total control over your hydroponics plants and what they experience. This allows you to maximize all hydroponics grow room conditions, and it also protects your plants from diseases and pests.

CEA is a big investment and it relies on electricity and expertise. If you aren’t wanting to or able to set up CEA, you can adopt some CEA techniques. The more you adopt, the better your hydroponics plants will yield.

For example get yourself air-cooled reflectors and lighting exhaust fans to increase energy efficiency and reduce the need for venting. Reducing the need for venting aids another yield-booster tactic: adding C02 to your grow room air.

But boosting C02 also means boosting the other inputs that drive your hydroponics plants: light, water and hydroponics nutrients. All of those basic inputs have to be increased along with increased C02 if you want added C02 to truly result in faster growth and maximum yield.

Increasing your grow room hydroponics lighting intensity is tricky and costs money. You could go for multiple lighting strategies including combining HID, plasma and T-5. You want to max out light intensity per square foot, and light penetration as deep into your hydroponics plant canopy as possible.

On the other hand, you have to balance your hydroponics lighting with your need to control the heat generated by most hydroponics lighting. In some cases, if you add the light intensity your hydroponics plants need, you may also need to invest in extra cooling capacity, such as air conditioning!

We’ll talk more about getting maximum yield from your hydroponics grow room, but for now I ask you to consider CEA or hydroponics tactics (such as adding C02 or air conditioning) that are part of the CEA approach. Please also share with us your hydroponics yield-boosting tips right now in our comments section. We value your hydroponics experience and success!

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