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Industry Gab: Meet Expert Hydroponic Growers On The Grow Industry Frontlines

Get inside the head of a hydroponics industry expert. Get inside the head of a hydroponics industry expert.


Industry Gab is where we sit down with a hydroponics expert on the frontlines of the grow industry. We get their thoughts on what’s coming down the pike, and talk to them about innovations in their own grow operation or other grow-related business. Check it out, growers. This is as fresh as it gets!

In this edition, we sat down with Marc Warren of No Stress Hydroponics

Rosebud Magazine: What are your current challenges?

Marc: Our toughest challenge is competing with price wars. Today there’s so much competition that we find ourselves having to do a lot of discounting just to stay competitive within the market. We are also having to provide a lot more service to our customers. This gives us the competitive edge, as the newer stores do not have the expertise that we have, and they can only compete if they discount.

RM: Where do you see the hydroponic industry going within the next five years?

Marc: The hydro industry has become a Pandora’s Box. Now that a lot of people know about this industry, I don’t see the industry moving backwards; the demand will continue to grow. However, we are not going to see the gains that we saw over the past few years (the economy played a huge factor during those years). People are finally seeing that gardening is not so easy to do, and it does take some knowledge and a bit of skill to do it properly.

RM: What is the oddest request you’ve been asked?

Marc: People who come in offer a certain amount of money and ask if we could build them a full hydro setup. They want us to make it a turnkey thing for them. They want an automatic garden.
For more info, check out http://www.nostresshydroponics.com

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