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5 Of The Easiest Vegetables To Grow For Hydroponic Newbies

Lettuce is one of the easiest crops to grow hydroponically. Lettuce is one of the easiest crops to grow hydroponically.


So you are jumping into hydroponics for the first time and you're really excited. But now that you have your system ready for a beautiful garden, what exactly should you grow? While every vegetable under the sun might be the first answer, there are actually a few important considerations to keep in mind when planning your maiden voyage into the wonderful world of hydroponics.

First off, what is your space like? Are you growing with lights or in a greenhouse? What are your favorite things to eat and what do you think you will eat the most?
To reduce waste, stick to the vegetables you know you will eat regularly and enjoy and cultivating a pointless crop.

Although they seem like no-brainers, these three questions will play an invaluable role in the success of your first crop. If your space is small and you don't have a lot of room vertically, stick to vegetables that come in bush or miniature varieties, especially if they are under lights. If you are in a greenhouse and have room to spare, then vegetables that require elbowroom like zucchini, melons, pumpkin, squash, corn and even rice might be in the cards in days to come. Although the potential to grow anything you want is thrilling, try not to just plant things for the sake of it. To reduce waste, stick to the vegetables you know you will eat regularly and enjoy and cultivating a pointless crop.

So what are the easiest crops to grow for the beginning hydroponicist? Check out the list below for Rosebud Magazine's personal recommendations.

1. Lettuce

Lettuce is not only one of the easiest vegetables to grow hydroponically, it has a lighting-speed turn around time from seed to plate. You can enjoy fresh heads of delicious lettuce in 30 days or less, depending on the variety.

2. Baby Greens

Just like lettuce, baby greens are a snap to grow without soil. You can go for family favorites like spinach and argula or try more exotic varieties like mizuna, tatsoi, and red mustard greens and have them ready to eat in just over 3 weeks.

3. Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are great for indoor growing because the plants grow smaller than regular tomato varieties and the fruit is twice as sweet. The long trusses of succulent fruit are a beautiful sight and you can pick them right from the plant as you see fit. A good setup will produce a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes in about 2 months.

4. Peppers

Peppers are great to grow because they are naturally bushy, meaning they won't take up much space. The best part is, there are so many kinds of peppers to grow that the possibilities are endless. Would you prefer a sweet bell pepper picked fresh from your own garden or a spicy jalepeño or serrano pepper for your favorite salsa dip?

5. Herbs

From basil to parsley, herbs are a great bet for your first crop. Not only can you use them in everything, but herbs will be ready in for harvest in just a month. Spruce up your meals with some fresh herbs you've grown yourself and you'll be sure to impress everyone with your green thumb and tasty dishes.

After you've tried your hand at these crops and figured out which system is the best for you, give radishes, swiss chard, collard greens, mini-cucumbers and mini-carrots a try. Just about anything can be grown hydroponically, even potatoes, so the sky is the limit provided you have the time and space. Enjoy your first crop!

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