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Forget Food Poisoning: Hydroponic Protection From Produce Contamination Featured

You can avoid many food-borne illnesses by growing your own produce You can avoid many food-borne illnesses by growing your own produce


An estimated one in four Americans suffer from food poisoning every year, often times caused by contaminated produce that was most likely purchased at a corporate grocery store or restaurant. While most cases are isolated incidents, some become high-profile outbreaks that result in massive recalls, lots of wasted food and millions of lost dollars. There’s one easy way to avoid the risk of such harmful, and potentially fatal, illnesses such as E. coli, salmonella and listeria. Foods grown hydroponically in your own home have almost zero chance of being contaminated with dangerous foodborne disease. Here’s a look at the food-borne disease threat and some easy hydroponic solutions to avoid getting sick.

Illness: E. coli

Sicknesses Per Year: 260,000

Deaths Per Year: 100

Outbreak: A 2011 E. coli outbreak in German sprouts left at least 29 dead and 3,000 sickened.

Hydroponic Solution: Sprouts can be grown easily at home. All you need are some seedlings and a glass bowl (see Rosebud Issue 20). It’s a great starter hydro project, perfect for teaching young children about the wonders of home growing.

Illness: Salmonella

Sicknesses Per Year: 1,200,000

Deaths Per Year:400

Outbreak: 68 people were sickened in 10 states after eating contaminated shredded lettuce from Taco Bell.

Hydroponic Solution: Many varieties of delicious lettuce can be grown in a variety of hydroponic systems, including ebb and flow and NFT (Nutrient Film Technique). Not only is it certain to be disease-free, but hydroponic lettuce is tastier and healthier than the iceberg lettuce served at most restaurants.

llness: Listeria

Sicknesses Per Year: 1,600

Deaths Per Year: 260

Outbreak: 30 people died in 2011 after eating tainted cantaloupe in America’s deadliest food outbreak in over a decade.

Hydroponic Solution: People tend to think large melons like cantaloupes and watermelons are too big to grow with home hydroponics, but we’ve seen great results grown in rockwool. Just make sure you have enough space.


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An informational video about one of the scariest and most common foodborne illnesses – e. coli.
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