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Helpful Hemp Plant: The World’s Most Useful Cash Crop?

Hemp has many wonderful uses. So why can’t Americans grow it? Hemp has many wonderful uses. So why can’t Americans grow it?


Over recent decades, more and more people are realizing the amazing potential of hemp. From the healing and nutritional powers of its oil to the use of its fiber in everything from clothing to cars to construction materials, hemp is perhaps the most valuable crop on the planet.

While our American forefathers grew it on their plantations because laws during that time required farmers to grow hemp, modern laws have gone in the opposite direction, prohibiting the growth and harvest of hemp on American soil. However, we can import the oil and fibers easily from other countries, creating a booming market in Canada and other nations where hemp is an amazingly valuable cash crop.

Why is America so anti-hemp? Some will argue that it is too closely related to another illegal plant. But if that were the case, why is importing the stuff hunky-dory? Many critics argue that hemp remains an illegal commodity because of American industries like cotton and paper lobbying the government to keep this wonder plant under wraps so that their industries can continue raking in the dough. Call me cynical, but given what we know about the revolving door between government and industries like Wall Street and Big Ag, why would this story be any different?

So while America misses out on a crop that could add money to our struggling economy, potential jobs are heading to our neighbors to the north, as well as to other not-so-friendly countries. Hemp is a hardy and useful plant that requires little water and even less space to grow. Instituting an American hemp industry seems like a no-brainer. But hey, what do we know?

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The hemp ban has got to be the dumbest thing we’ve heard of.
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