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Quiz Games: Lingo Bingo

  • Written by  Erik Biksa
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Take our Lingo Bingo quiz to test your knowledge of hydroponics. Take our Lingo Bingo quiz to test your knowledge of hydroponics.


C’mon down and join us here in Rosebud Magazine’s Hydro Lingo Bingo, the game where you get to show your level of hip-talk in hydroponics.

1. When a grower needs a rack, you can assume they are:
(a) getting an augmentation.
(b) buying a specially made shelf for nutrients.
(c) planning to dry some crop.
(d) planning to get medieval on your ass.

2. When setting up a drain-to-waste grow, it means you are:
(a) applying nutrient solutions one time only.
(b) making a reservoir out of a plastic garbage can.
(c) stimulating the local economy with the trickle-down effect from your sales.
(d) none of the above‚ you’re talking crazy.

3. Trichoderma are:
(a) a virtually unstoppable super-breed of spider mite.
(b) the tiny openings on the underside of leaves where plants breathe.
(c) occasionally found in your underpants.
(d) aggressive species of fungi that are beneficial to plants.


1. c
2. a
3. d

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