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10 TV Characters Who Should Just Die, Already

Dr. Addison Montgomery of Private Practice--kill her now? Dr. Addison Montgomery of Private Practice--kill her now?

We love to hate them. They set our teeth on edge. We suffer through their every appearance silently grinding our teeth and hoping a gunshot rings out. These ten TV characters have outlived their welcome!

Each of us has that one character on television that just rubs us the wrong way. The chick who is so annoying self centered you want to strangle her. The dude who is so caught up in his own inner angst that he ignores the cute girl taking off her shirt to get his attention. Sometimes we just want to bang on the screen and yell “You are too stupid to live!!!”

Unfortunately, television directors ignore our frustration. They let Izzy from Grey’s Anatomy survive CANCER, and hit George with a bus. Oh, the humanity. If you could kill off 10 TV characters, which would they be?

10. Stan Rizzo, Mad Men

His face is in the dictionary next to the word smarmy. Seriously, he is soooo annoying. Sal was so much better. We want Sal back!!

9. Addison Montgomery, Private Practice

She wants Sam. She can’t have Sam. Sam was her best friend’s husband, and therefore off-limits. She decides to go after Sam anyway. She gets Sam. She then is bored with Sam. She decides to cheat on Sam. Kill her now.

8. Martha Masters, HOUSE MD

Amber Tamblyn used to be cute. Now she’s a chunky, annoying little prat messing about on one of the best shows on TV. Die, Martha, Die. Preferably in a story arc that gives you a horrible disease.

7. Simon Cowell, American Idol

You know what? Don’t stop with Simon. Take out everyone associated with the stupid show, past, present and hopefuls alike. Go nuclear. Just make absolutely sure you get Simon, though, or he’ll come back…

6.  Vincent Masuka, Dexter

Get him on the table, Dex. His porno jokes were funny for about a season and a half, and now I just want to kill myself when he pops up on screen. Do me a favor and drop him in the bay.

5. Tammi Bryant, Southland

Oh. My. God. Can any chick be more annoying? Detective Sammy Bryant is such a nice guy, and he gets saddled with this psycho chick who goes from one extreme to the next. Sammy needs her dead. Please. God, are you there?

4. Tara, True Blood

For the love of Mike someone put a bullet in this gal. If I have to watch her have another hysterical breakdown over ‘Eggs’ her dead boyfriend one more time…

3. Steven Wilde, Running Wilde

Let me preface this one by saying I LOVED Arrested Development, and Will Arnett as the utterly hysterical Gob was a big part of that. As Wilde he is horrible and I keep waiting for an elephant to trample him.

2. Jesse Pinkman, Breaking Bad

Don’t get me wrong. I loved Jesse for the first few seasons. He’s just outlived his usefulness and gotten whiny and he needs to go. The brother in law is a whiny crybaby too. Take ‘em both.

1. Vince Faraday, The Cape

Four episodes and I hate him so much even Summer Glau doesn’t make up for it. This superhero is a pussy. Why didn’t they make another series starring Summer instead? She can kick five times the ass Vince can and she don’t need no stupid cape!

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Who says people hated Simon Cowell?
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