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5 Actresses You’d Love to See Naked - But Never Will

Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore at the world premiere of "Tangled" Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore at the world premiere of "Tangled"

The TV series Arrested Development may have made a laughingstock of ‘never-nude,’ but these 5 actresses all have ironclad no full frontal clauses in their contract . Find out who you’re never gonna see full frontal in this stunning… exposé of shy actresses.


Every male from the age of 13 to 93 drools over certain celebrities and eagerly checks each Playboy issue to see if maybe, just maybe, this issue will be the one with their fantasy girl in all her glory. Some have had to give up hope, however - there are a few actresses that are just never going to get quite that naked. (Which is totally unfair, seeing as how Kathy Bates is willing to take it all off - and who wants to see that??)

  • Jessica Alba. Definitely nothing to be ashamed of in the hot bod department, but Jessica  refused to get fully in character for her role as a stripper in Sin City, saying “I don’t do nudity - I just don’t … I have too much anxiety.” That supposedly nude scene in Machete? Faked - and she sued Hugh Hefner for the bikini clad cover photo of her he plastered on Playboy.
  • Mandy Moore. The pop star turned actor also claims to have “turned down several roles where the producers or directors or writers wouldn't budge on that point.” Sorry, guys, Aquagirl is keeping her bikini on. She’s still really young, though, and things can always change…
  • Sarah Jessica Parker. (Dudes. You KNOW you watched at least one episode of Sex in the City hoping for hot booty action - even if you won’t admit it.) SJP is the only one of the quartet not to have to strip down for the camera, saying “No one wants to see me nude – believe me!” Sure, honey… let’s take a poll of our readership… uh-huh. Thought so. The dudes disagree.
  • Scarlett Johansson. This one is a killer. She has a strict no nudity clause, but she’s a tease. She posed topless with her arms crossed over her chest for Vanity Fair and offered to do her sex scene in The Island topless but the director wanted a PG 13 rating for the film and turned her down (now that’s self control.)
  • Jennifer Garner. The sexy star of Alias had viewers tuning each week praying to the nudie gods that a piece of her costume would rip or be ripped from her toned bod - but no luck. Garner’s another actress in total denial about what fans want, saying, “I will not be taking it all off! Zero percent. No, thank you. The world deserves better.“

And finally, the one who struck out her own no-nudity clause: Jessica Biel. The wholesome girl next door from Seventh Heaven had no trouble landing roles that put her in a bikini, but drew the line at nudity  - at least until she was offered a role in Powder Blue. As a sexy stripper, Jessica finally went topless, to enthusiastic applause.

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Johansson: she might not do nude, but she certainly does undies
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