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Hot Stuff: Beastie Boys Keep Hip-Hop Fresh & Classic Featured

Beastie Boys combine old-school hip-hop rhyming with updated twists on Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 Beastie Boys combine old-school hip-hop rhyming with updated twists on Hot Sauce Committee Part 2

Welcome to our weekly look at what’s got our heads bobbing and feet tapping here in the Rosebud Magazine offices. This week’s music picks feature a range of albums – from fun-loving to contemplative to heavy rockin’. First and foremost, the Beastie Boys are back, reminding the hip-hop world how to be fresh and classic at the same time on Hot Sauce Committee Part 2. Plus we’ve got some awe-inspiring passionate rock from the Pacific Northwest; some killer shred-o-matic metal from Quebec; some instrumental moodiness; and some down-tempo sing-alongs. It’s another week spanning musical genres with hot new albums for hydroponics gardeners of all types – something for a variety of indoor growers.

Beastie Boys - Hot Sauce Committee Part 2

Beastie Boys are back with their first album since 2004’s To the 5 Burroughs, delivering more old school rhymes with a modern (and at times even progressive) aesthetic. The Beastie Boys are hip-hop’s defenders of the faith, keeping alive the humor, cleverness, and head-bobbing flows that make the genre great. Thankfully, Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 is a far cry from what you’ll hear on commercial rap radio these days. Here you get top notch emceeing with just enough curve balls to keep pushing forward. A welcome breath of fresh air in the hip-hop world.

By A Thread - By A Thread

One of the Pacific Northwest’s best and most influential post-hardcore bands never got the recognition they deserved while they were up and running. And true to form, this year’s posthumous release of their second full-length is jaw-dropping, so much so that it hurts to think this band is over and done with. For fans of heavyweight, hook-laden, heart-on-your-sleeve rock, By A Thread is the pinnacle. A must-own album. Period.

Blackguard - Firefight

Canadian metal shredders Blackguard bring the rage on a symphonic blast of lightning ferocity. Firefight is reminiscent of the heyday of melodic death metal, but with a little more of a classical approach (think more Finland than Sweden, for you metal geeks out there). From the opening strains of the album, you know what you’re going to get style-wise, but the energy, execution, and hooks keep you coming back for more headbanging good times.

Grails - Deep Politics

Serving up haunting instrumental post-rock, Oregon's Grails keep their compositions interesting with a combination of atmosphere, multi-instrumentation, and a spot-on feel for mood. The melodies here are subtle, moving the band through a landscape built on rock, but inflected with hints from multiple genres, including some Middle Eastern sounds and moments that seem lifted from a horror movie. Somehow, Deep Politics manages transitions from the esoteric and unusual to moments that recall classic rock guitar riffs, all swirling gradually throughout its running time. The tapestry Grails weaves here is seamless, an incredible feat given the breadth of sources they appear to draw from.

Ninja Gun - Roman Nose

The new EP from up-and-comers Ninja Gun finds them forsaking the harder rocking styles of their full-length for a much rootsier/folksier outing. The result is pure joy for your ears. The key is that Roman Nose relies heavily on its songs’ memorable melodies, rather than fussing too much about style. There are moments that recall the best power pop of the ‘90s fused with some of the more straight up indie-rock of recent years. Call it what you like, Ninja Gun gives you honest songwriting that will sound at home on many a turntable.

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The comedy all-star version of Beastie Boys' classic Fight For Your Right, a revisited promo for Hot Sauce Committee Part 2.
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