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The Five Hottest British Actresses

Kate Beckinsale at the Cannes Film Fesival, 2010 Kate Beckinsale at the Cannes Film Fesival, 2010

What is it about sexy women from the little island called Britain?

Is it the accent? The lack of American prudery? Their poise and self confidence? No matter - they are hot and they know it, and vie

with our homegrown talent for our affections on the big screen!


Hot British women have made a mark on the world of film, and some have developed their accents and mannerisms on stage until some would be hard put to peg them as British - until you see them as guests on Letterman and remember - “Oh, she’s a Brit!” So, which sexy British women make us pause in our hydroponics efforts and take five to appreciate the English rose?

# 5: Rachel Weisz

She won awards for The Constant Gardener, but fans will forever remember her as ‘the hot chick from The Mummy’. Rachel’s thick, curly hair and perfect cleavage have made countless men fantasize about taking Brendan Frazier’s part and cutting a swathe through the undead to win her hand. She may have been born in 1970, but Rachel is anything but over the hill.

# 4: Keira Knightley

Keira doesn’t need rescuing, thank you very much - she does a handy job of that all on her own. This sword wielding beauty fought her way valiantly through three pirate movies as the daring Elizabeth Swann alongside Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom - and her attire got ripped delightfully in more than one scene. She’s the only non-American on the Forbes list of highest paid Hollywood actresses, coming in at the second spot.

# 3: Emma Watson

The little wild haired girl from Hogwarts grew up suddenly, as skits on late night comedy shows pointed out. Hermione went from wide eyed innocent to sultry flirt over the ten year span of the series, and as of April 2011 this fresh faced beauty turns 21 - legal for anything even in the uptight US of A. Emma also models for Fair Trade clothing lines; she’s hot even without her trademark mane of hair, which she cut boyishly short to the shock of her fan base.

# 2: Gemma Arterton

This British bombshell swept audiences off their feet as Bond girl Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace (chosen from an auditioning group of over 1500). She went on to become the face of Avon’s Bond Girl 007 fragrance, and then landed the back to back roles of Io in Clash of the Titans and Princess Tamina in Prince of Persia - both of which showed off her attributes in nicely revealing costumes. Her shocking nude scenes in The Disappearance of Alice Creed made headlines on both sides of the water.

# 1: Kate Beckinsale

Voted England’s # 1 Beauty in 2002, Kate still has what it takes to heat up the big screen. Her breakout role as Nurse Evelyn in Pearl Harbour led to more spotlighted roles, notably as Anna in Van Helsing and Selena in Underworld and Underworld: Evolution. Kate is considered England’s leading sex symbol by many critics.

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An homage to Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley
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