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Rock n’ Roll Hall Of Fame Bound: Top 7 Guns N’ Roses Videos Featured

The classic Guns N' Roses line up. The classic Guns N' Roses line up.

Get out your guy-liner, butane lighter and acid-washed jeans because Axl Rose is back and embarking on a United States mini-tour beginning October 28th in Orlando, Fla. Guns N' Roses (or Axl's latest version of it anyway) announced that they will perform more than 30 concerts, wrapping it up on New Year’s Eve.

Purists (or anyone with an ounce of sense) will argue that the Frankenstein-ish line-up is, indeed, not Guns N’ Roses, as it includes only one name anyone has ever heard of, and not Slash, Duff McKagan, Izzy Stradlin or anyone other than Rose from the band’s glory days. The current roster includes DJ Ashba (guitar), Dizzy Reed (keyboards), Tommy Stinson (bass), Richard Fortus (guitar), Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (guitar), Chris Pitman (keyboards) and Frank Ferrer (drums). We’re wondering who exactly is going to be at the Hall of Fame ceremony if they get in.

Once the darlings of the Hollywood heavy metal/glam rock scene, Guns N’ Roses began their wild ride to mega-stardom in 1985, releasing their major label debut, Appetite for Destruction, in 1987. The record sold a staggering 28 million copies in the United States alone. We here at RosebudMag.com decided to celebrate the Hall of Fame announcement by looking back at some of our favorite Guns N’ Roses videos. Check out our Top 7 here, and tell us about your faves in the comments section.

"Sweet Child O’ Mine"

Most people’s introduction to Guns N’ Roses was through the megahit “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” The video features the band in their iconic regalia – Slash’s top hat, Axl’s headband, Duff’s CBGB shirt, etc. – and saw them removed from their earlier image, which was a bit more glam. The song contains one of the most memorable guitar lines in rock history and showed a more sensitive side of the street-savvy band that allowed them to reach a broad audience.


"Night Train" – Live At The Ritz 1988

For a true GN'R fan, this might be the best thing on the net. The "Live at The Ritz" video is Guns N’ Roses at their best, just as they were becoming stars but before they had become household names. Although Appetite for Destruction had been out for a year already, it was just starting to get noticed. The band had honed their chops with hardcore touring, and they hit the stage for this video tight as hell and as badass as any band ever. "Night Train" was never a hit single, but is arguably the band's best deep cut, and they knock it out of the park here. The whole concert is unmissable for any real GN’R fan, and it’s all on youtube. Thank you, internet!


"November Rain"

A monument to the excess that eventually brought them down, "November Rain" is Guns N’ Roses' most epic video. Its 1.5 million dollar budget made it one of the most expensive music videos ever made. And the song is so good, that even those of us who shuddered to see Axl Rose at a piano, so far removed from GN’R’s down and dirty best, had to admit that this was a catchy, unforgettable song. And somehow, in the midst of a string-heavy power ballad, Slash still manages to come off super tough in those leather chaps, rocking a guitar solo as the camera whizzes by on a helicopter.



Guns N' Roses did the unplugged thing before MTV made acoustic performances du rigeur for bands in the '90s. "Patience" was the best thing to come from the controversial GN'R Lies EP, and displayed the band's incredible songwriting ability without any of the image-conscious posturing that made them firebrands in nearly everything else they ever did. Anyone who ever questioned the soul of Guns N' Roses needs only to be directed here; strip away all the hooplah, and you still get a group of musicians who deliver the goods.


"Welcome to the Jungle"

Perhaps Guns N’ Roses' most enduring song, "Welcome to the Jungle", was also the first video from Appetite for Destruction. The band doesn’t quite seem comfortable in the limelight yet, and Axl looks like he was still trying to outdo Poison in the hairspray department, but the raw power of the track is the best encapsulation of the band's sound. It was an auspicious debut for a band that would go on to dominate the end of the decade, and the start of the next.


"You Could Be Mine"

It's tough to find a good version of this video online, but anyone tuned into MTV in the early '90s would have not have been able to avoid seeing this super cool video featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. Terminator 2 went on to crush the box office, and Guns N' Roses, then one of the biggest rock bands in the world, made the perfect world-beating companions for the film. When this track hit the airwaves, it had been several years since Appetite for Destruction and GN'R fans were champing at the bit for some new songs. "You Could Be Mine" was released well in advance of the Use Your Illusion albums, and promised big things from the next Guns N' Roses release.


"Don’t Cry" – Live at the Troubadour 1986

At the time of this bootleg video, Guns N’ Roses hadn’t become the powerhouse they were going to be. But this video is of special interest to serious Guns N’ Roses fans nonetheless. This performance at legendary Hollywood venue, The Troubadour, took place before the recording of Appetite for Destruction. However “Don’t Cry” wasn’t on that record, and wouldn’t be released until almost seven years later, when it became a huge hit as part of the Use Your Illusion double album. It’s a signature GN’R song, heard here in raw form long before it topped the charts in another era.


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