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Ryan Gosling, Oral Sex & the Michelle Williams-Blue Valentine Connection

Ryan Gosling does an oral sex scene that rocks! Ryan Gosling does an oral sex scene that rocks!

If you like trippy, entertaining indie movies (independent films), you’re probably familiar with Ryan Gosling. Along with Jake Gyllenhaal, Matt Damon, and a few other “young” actors, Gosling is one of a handful of movie guys who brings talent and courage to his roles. After all, in Lars and the Real Girl, Gosling played a slacker recluse who fell in love with an inflatable sex doll that he named “Bianca.”

Not only did he fall madly in love with rubbery Bianca, but he lived in a fantasy world in which he totally believed Bianca was a real person. His hot relationship with Bianca transforms his relatives, and the town he lives in. How’s that for an unlikely movie premise?

Gosling has the confidence to take risks in his roles, and his most recent movies (unlike his rather predictable role in The Notebook) are solid evidence of that. He stars in Blue Valentine with co-star Michelle Williams, and people are already talking Golden Globes and Oscars for the film, which chronicles the extremely troubled relationship between the married characters portrayed by Williams and Gosling.

Perhaps it was a clever marketing ploy, or just another dumb rating decision by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), but Blue Valentine got a lot of publicity before its late December, 2010 release when the MPAA rated the film NC-17, which means that nobody under 17 can legally see it.

Ryan GoslingRyan GoslingWhat was so shocking about Blue Valentine that MPAA felt it was inappropriate for teenagers? Extreme violence? Profanity? War? Blood spewing everywhere? Dudes wearing hockey masks chopping up high school chicks?

No, none of the above. The MPAA has no problem with teenagers seeing gory violence and other stupid stuff. Instead, the prudes over at MPAA felt that a scene in which the husband (Gosling) went down on his wife (Williams) was too sexual for teenagers, many of whom are doing the same thing at home and calling it “safe sex.”

Libertarians, and the movie’s sponsors, cried foul, pointing out that MPAA’s long-standing history of allowing children to see the inside of people’s bodies blown up in violent movies, but preventing them from seeing lovemaking. The MPPA reversed itself and gave the movie an R rating.

If the NC-17 rating had stuck, it could have cost the studio millions in lost ticket sales. But the oral sex controversy worked out just fine, because now a lot more people have heard of the film, and they’re eager to see Gosling give the Y-tongue to Williams, who by the way happens to be the mother of the late actor Heath Ledger’s child. Ledger died in 2008, allegedly because of an accidental drug overdose. Williams met and fell in love with Ledger on the set of Brokeback Mountain.

Gosling got his start as a Mickey Mouser, but thank the gods that his professional career, personal integrity and talents have easily exceeded the depth and quality level of some of the other Disney kids he co-starred with, such as Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera.

Blue Valentine is generating Oscar Talk


In fact, Gosling was previously been nominated for a Best Actor Oscar (for Half Nelson) and he’s also hoping that someone will spend money promoting another new film he starred in, All Good Things, which has kind of disappeared off the face of the earth because it’s too intelligent for mainstream American audiences.

Life could be worse for Gosling. He gets paid to kiss the lower lips of Michelle Williams, movie critics and fans describe him as the most talented 30-something actor working in Hollywood, and the graphic Blue Valentine is set to open with massive pre-publicity. Life couldn’t be better for Lars!

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Last modified on Wednesday, 17 October 2012 19:00

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