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Top 10 YouTube Music Videos

YouTube is a great place to watch music videos for free…most of the time, except when the links are removed due to copyright violations, or the quality isn’t good. That being said, I’ve found a few really powerful YouTube music videos, some of which have gotten hundreds of thousands, if not millions of views. We’ve embedded these YouTube classics here so all you have to do is click on them and enjoy.

A few tips before you watch and listen: I arranged these so that they have a kind of flow to them- so try to reserve yourself 45 minutes and listen to these in order. Make sure your computer audio system is maximized for music. Set your viewing for full screen. Many of these videos feature amazing visuals, music and lyrics. I tend to believe that lyrics are an important aspect of great music. Now get yourself into the perfect frame of mind for a musical-visual experience, and have fun!

Alice Cooper: Lost in America

One of the hottest, most frenetic, and educational editing feats in music videos. The lyrics (about a kid who can’t get a girl 'cause he can’t get a job) are classic comedic genius Alice-speak.

Who isn’t lost in America?

Leonard Cohen: Democracy

Will democracy ever come to the USA?

Sooner or later, democracy may arrive.

Beautiful Things, Dancing Heather

The chorus line, “I forgot that I would see so many beautiful things,” is a nice reminder to us all of what not to forget. Plus, look deeply into the girl’s eyes.

Vocal trance hottie, with a strong message.

Genesis: Land of Confusion

This hilariously animated puppetmastery rock epic tells the story of President Ronnie Raygun, who was apparently entering senility while he was still the US president, and still had the power to unilaterally start a nuclear war.

Don’t let senile people have access to the nuclear missile button.

Journey: Send her my love

Back when singers could actually sing, and stadium rock rocked stadiums, my man Steve Perry blew his vocal chords out doing these kind of soulful, heartbreaking love songs.

Rush: Subdivisions

Could also be filed under “anthropology of why cities and suburbs are places of alienation and loneliness.” How do three guys manage to make so much symphonic sound?

Conform or be cast out! The motto of the 21st century corporatocracy.

Hinder: Much better than me

Some people say Hinder is “emo,” as if emotions in songs are somehow bad. Go figure. This power ballad features a video story you want to show to anyone who is addicted to hard drugs, cigarettes or other deadly things.

A warning disguised as a music video.

Avril Lavigne: When You’re Gone

Starts as a soldier going away story, evolves into a full-on meditation on mortality, time passages, love and loss.

Caution: Crying might happen.

Armin van Burren: Broken Tonight

They call this "vocal trance," and Armin is the master of getting vocals to soarrrrrr!

Yes, the singer is as short as he looks, but his voice and the song’s message are  “tall.”

Beatles: Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

People have long said that this classic is a clever hymn for the psychedelic drug LSD25. The Beatles denied that it references LSD, but whoever made this sweet, trippy video was almost certainly inspired by  hallucinogens!

Picture yourself on a boat on a river…

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