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How to Be a Good (Really Good) Kisser

Nothing in the world compares to a really good kiss. Nothing in the world compares to a really good kiss.

The way you kiss a woman may be the determining factor in whether or not you get another date with her. It can mean the difference between getting invited in, or a lonely ride home alone. If you’re not a good kisser, chances are you’re going to have trouble maintaining a steady relationship. Obviously, it’s a serious deal - so if you haven’t given it much thought before, perhaps you should.

It’s no exaggeration to say there is an art to kissing. If you want to master that art, you need to learn a few key tips and techniques. Here are a few pointers on how to be a really good kisser.


We can’t emphasize the importance of hygiene enough. No one is going to enjoy kissing you if your breath smells like garlic and your mouth tastes like onions. Skip the loaded pizza before your date and spare the girl (and yourself) the embarrassment of unsavory smells. Make sure your teeth are brushed, you have mints on hand, and your lips aren’t cracked or chapped. Shower and shave right before you leave so your skin is soft and smooth – nothing ruins a kiss like whisker burn.


A great kiss needs a great setting. Create the perfect moment by being aware of your surroundings and wait for the right time to move in for a kiss. Half the fun of a girl’s first kiss is the anticipation that builds beforehand. Rushing into it is not going to set off any fireworks, so take your time and let the sexual tension build. Waiting for the right mood will enhance the entire experience.


If you think kissing doesn’t require skill, think again. It’s not a simple matter of mashing your lips against hers – not if you hope for more. Kissing takes patience, attentiveness, and consideration. Obviously a fair dose of passion is required as well, but it’s not as important as being able to read body language. If you can’t accurately read a woman’s signals, you’ll never be a great kisser.

Start with a closed mouth, especially if you’re kissing someone for the first time. This is like setting the mood – it doesn’t need to be rushed. Be gentle, but not weak. The woman needs to feel the pressure of your lips, but don’t be forceful. Here’s where attentiveness comes into play. How is the woman reacting? Is she tense and keeping her mouth tightly shut? You may have to settle for a modest peck. On the other hand, if she’s moving into your body, winding her arms around your neck, you can assume she’s ready to deepen the kiss.

Be patient when using your tongue. Don’t thrust it into the woman’s mouth like a spear. Slide your tongue over her lips and wait until she invites you in. Tease her tongue into playing with yours, being careful not to be too aggressive. If you’re in tune with the woman in your arms, you’ll know when to pour more passion into the kiss.

Don’t let your arms hang limply at your sides. Use your hands to cup the back of her head, run your fingers through her hair, and up and down her arms. Rub the small of her back, and pull her closer to you. The more physical contact you make, the more enjoyable the kiss.

A good kisser learns how to control his breathing. If you start to get winded, pull back slightly. It won’t be romantic if you start to wheeze or snort through your nose. Break contact when you need to swallow, but don’t pull back so abruptly she feels you’re ending the kiss. Use the brief intermission to rain kisses down her cheek or nuzzle her neck.

Kissing a woman is an intimate, physical connection. Don’t look at it as a necessary prelude to sex; it’s a completely separate act that can be immensely enjoyable just by itself. Remember, practice makes perfect. We’re pretty sure practicing the art of kissing won’t be too much of a hardship.

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Tips on how to kiss with passion
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