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Gear Up: Gadgets To Maximize Your Fun and Leisure

This unique sleeping bag design means you never have to get out of bed while camping. This unique sleeping bag design means you never have to get out of bed while camping.


Every so often, we like to take a look into the world of gadgets to find some goodies growers might like to spend their hard earned grow money on. This time around, we’ve got some pretty cool stuff, whether you prefer to spend your down time indoors or outdoors. Check it out.


We don’t expect to see Dr. Dre on a snowboard anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean he wants his fans to miss his music while enjoying the powder. That’s why the POC Receptor BUG Communications helmet ($337; pocsports.com) features integrated Beats By Dre Headphones tucked into the neck roll. It also offers an integrated microphone so boarders can make calls without removing the helmet. With its bass-heavy speaker system, which fits snugly into this snow-sport brain bucket, these could give new meaning to the concept of head-banging.



After a night in the woods, few things are harder than leaving the comfy confines of your sleeping bag. But you don’t have to, ever, with the Poler Napsack ($130; polerstuff.com), a sleeping bag that doubles as a jacket. Zippers at the shoulders allow you to stick out your arms, while a cinch at the bottom lets you pop out your legs to walk around, and even answer nature’s call. It can also be hiked up and worn like a puffy coat or oversized hoodie, making it ideal for those chilly days around the house as well.



Camping is supposed to be rugged, but that doesn’t mean we should abandon 2,000 years of architectural innovation. Some of the most amazing structures in the world have utilized the concept of the dome, as it makes efficient use of heat while creating steep walls that maximize usable space. The North Face 2-Meter Dome tent ($5,000; thenorthface.com) benefits from this, providing a 125-square-foot portable shelter that can hold up to eight growers at a remote garden. The tent features dual doors, two exterior windows and even a chimney vent.



Singer/songwriter John Denver might not be with us any longer, but fans can still feel the vibe of softly falling snow on the slopes with the limited-edition John Denver Nomad Skis from Icelantic ($699; icelanticskis.com). The first signature skis to feature images of the iconic singer, these are built to the standards of Icelantic’s Nomad model and are offered in three lengths: 161, 171 and 181. With shapely curves and balanced flex that give the skier remarkable stability, these Denver-flavored Nomads offer maneuverability that can tackle any and every snow condition.



Microsoft’s new Windows 8 could allow you to ditch that mouse and keyboard, but to do so you’ll need a monitor that is touch-screen compatible. Viewsonic’s TD2740 ($799; viewsonic.com) lets you pinch your PC and offers full HD 1920x1080 resolution with a 20,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, giving it vivid colors and deep black levels that rival most TV displays. This monitor even includes SRS Premium Sound speakers, giving users the ability to see, hear and touch. All that’s missing is a scratch-and-sniff feature.


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