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Between The Lines: Hidden Messages in Texting

What do your texting patterns say about you? What do your texting patterns say about you?


Is there a hidden language in someone's texts, a subtext that reveals important aspects of character?  It's a provocative question. Communicating is immediate these days; people wear their phones like appendages and know the very instant someone is trying to communicate with them in most cases. But there is a disconnection with immediate, discretionary response electronic communication, a disassociation with the one being communicated with that reveals things about character that is not readily apparent one-on-one when in someone's presence. In other words, there are hidden messages in our text communications.

A simple observation, like response times to texts or the lack thereof, can reveal a lot about a person.  For example, an immediate response to a text from someone who NEVER seems to respond promptly to texts can reveal that the matter is of great interest or high priority to the individual, or reveals something perhaps more sinister about their personality (that we will get to in a bit here).

It may also have a less utilitarian motive and just mean the person is often occupied, but at that moment happened to have hands free to respond.  But these patterns will sooner or later reveal themselves for what they are as you get to know the person.

So how do we know if someone is more exploitative versus considerate and caring by the rhythms of their texts?  Let's break it down.

First off, does the person in question always grab their phone in your presence the instant a text comes in? If they do, that means the likelihood is they read your texts virtually the second you send them or not long after.

Now, does this person get back to you right away when you are offering something that may be of benefit to them in a text? Yes, you say? They get conversational with a flurry of texts centered around the subject at hand but always give short, perhaps delayed texts any other time?

How about when you are asking a favor yourself? They conveniently don't seem to respond? Or when you just text to say hi, you may get a response hours later or the next day or maybe not at all?

Try making these observations with people you text with. You will see different patterns of behavior in the texts of your loved ones and those who actually care about you versus those who are just out to see what they can get and only value relationships that serve them in some way.

Texts are very telling if we read between the lines.

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The Onion nails the culture of texting brilliantly.
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