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Summer Gear: Outdoor Accessories For High Tech Times

Skateboards just got more portable. Skateboards just got more portable.


Check out these cool accessories to get your summer rockin' on a high-tech high note. From outdoor TVs to fold-up skateboards, pedal kayaks to Muppets accessories, we've got a great collection of gadgets and devices to help you enjoy summer a lot more!


While no one wants to spend all day indoors watching TV when it’s beautiful outside, those hours of Weeds, Game of Thrones, Community, and Justified won’t watch themselves. The SunBrite SB4660HD, a 46-inch 1080p outdoor TV ($2,894.99; sunbritetv.com), will let you tune in when you’re outside and can survive whatever Mother Nature throws at it. The set offers a bright screen for those sunny days, but is also waterproof, so a little (or even a lot of) rain won’t be a problem. Why head to the ballpark when you can have the best seat in the backyard?


When it comes to skateboard tricks it’s usually the rider pulling them off. But the SNAP Skateboard ($119; atiusa.biz) actually does a trick of its own: Made of aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, the deck can fold up into three pieces via two patented hinges, reducing it to just 40% of its original size. And since the wheels are also removable, this is one board that can actually go anywhere, even when you’re not riding it.


In a recent New York Times op-ed piece, a resigning Goldman Sachs employee revealed that his coworkers disparagingly referred to clients as “Muppets.” This doesn’t make any sense — in what context would being called a Muppet be derogatory? Still, to show how much you value your customers, you should decorate your desk with Funko’s new Muppet Pop! vinyl figures ($9.99 each; funko.com). Besides Kermit, Gonzo, Fozzie Bear, Animal, Dr. Teeth and Miss Piggy, they’ve even got the singers of “Mahna Mahna.”


Kayaks may be funny-looking already, but if you’re in the Mirage Revolution 11 from Hobie ($1,749; hobiecat.com), people might think you’re a damn wizard. That’s because it utilizes the company’s MirageDrive, which allows you to ditch the traditional paddle and use your feet instead. Two pedals drive a pair of underwater fins, which work like a penguin’s flippers to propel the craft’s featherweight hull through the water. Which, in turn, allows you to use your arms for more important things, like casting spells on anyone who looks at you funny.


Gizmos that can do it all tend to be on the expensive side, which makes people nervous about taking them outside. But the eSport Clip MP3 and video player from Ematic offers a 1.8-inch screen to watch videos or read an eBook, has 4GB of flash memory for 2,300 of your favorite songs or 20 hours of video, and has a 5-megapixel digital camera for you to snap away. But the best part is that it is just $29 (ematic.us), so if it gets lost or broken, you won’t be broken up about it.


As anyone who’s ever owned a pair of headphones will tell you, the cords are always the first part to go bad. But the Phiaton PS 20 BT Stereo Headset ($149.99; phiaton.com) solves that problem by including Bluetooth 3.0 to deliver amazing sound without wires. Features include Echo-Off noise reduction and MaxBass technology with a dual-chamber structure that reduces vibration and echo. More importantly, the battery will give you six hours of music playing or chatting on the phone and 250 hours of standby time, so you’ll always be ready to rock.

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If you don't think the Muppets are awesome, you do now.
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