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Transformer Waterproof Jackets, Ski Equipment, & More Cool Gadgets

Protect both your skull and your over all safety with this smart helmet that can call for help if you crash in the woods and need to be rescued. Protect both your skull and your over all safety with this smart helmet that can call for help if you crash in the woods and need to be rescued.


Growers like acquiring cool stuff as much as anyone else, but we tend to have an eye for the unique. Because you enjoy making purchases with character, we've dug up some cool gear and gadgets that we think speak to your individual tastes.



Just as Optimus Prime was both a truck and our fearless leader, so too can the Columbia Lhotse Mountain II Interchange Jacket ($240; www.columbia.com) transform into multiple coats for outdoor growers. On its own, the outer layer is waterproof yet breathable, so it can be worn as a rain jacket during fall or spring showers, while the inner lining can be used as a light cover during those brisk but not cold days. Put them together with the detachable hood and adjustable powder skirt and you’ve got a winter coat that’s ready for hitting the slopes or shoveling out the car.



It doesn’t snow in the jungle, but as it turns out, bamboo and snow go well together. The fastest-growing plant on earth actually offers a high strength-to-weight ratio while remaining fairly flexible. That’s why Soul Poles ski poles utilize shafts made of bamboo. They’re available “naked” without paint ($125; www.soulpoles.com) or with some flashy colors ($175). Even cooler, the other components, including straps and handles, are made from recycled materials to ensure a truly sustainable product, making these good for your soul and the slopes.



Whether you’re snowboarding, skiing or cycling, a helmet can protect your head if you fall or crash. But with the Crash Sensor from ICEdot ($199 plus a $10/month subscription; www.icedot.org), your helmet can actually call for help. Designed to detect motion, changes in forces and, most notably, impacts with little or no movement afterward, the sensor (which needs to be paired with a smartphone) can call for help and even send your GPS coordinates. You won’t even have to tell it, “Go for help, boy.”



In what we can only assume is a concerted effort to prove George Orwell right, it seems like everyone is filming every moment of their lives these days. But while more and more skiers and snowboarders are wearing helmet-mounted cameras to capture their lives, you can actually get the first-person-perspective much better with the iON HD from Zeal ($399; www.zealoptics.com), which puts the camera lens in your goggles instead. It can record in 1080p HD video and snap 8-megapixel still images. There’s even an in-goggle viewfinder so you can preview what you’re shooting. Now how about some HID-protective lenses for filming your entire grow?



While the iPhone 5 and iPad 4 are relatively new, they won’t stay looking that way if you don’t protect them, especially in the garden. But that’s not an issue with the stylish and sturdy cases from Cygnett. Their Workmate ($24.99; us.cygnett.com) is a slim, shock-absorbing, impact-resistant case for your iPhone that includes a screen protector. For your iPad, the similarly thin Lavish Earth Case ($59.99) is available in purple, black and sandstone, and transforms into a handy viewing stand. It also has hidden magnets that will keep the screen clean while putting your iPad to sleep.



When trying to listen to music in a noisy environment like your grow room, it may seem like the easiest thing to do is to turn up the volume. But the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9 QuietPoint headphones ($349.95; www.audio-technica.com) will let you keep the music at a reasonable volume while still blocking up to 95% of the unwanted sounds around you. The headphones use Tri-Level Cancellation, with Mode 1 blocking out low-frequency sounds such as engine hum – perfect on airplanes. Mode 2 is designed to block the midrange noise of crowds and noisy offices, and Mode 3 is calibrated for more pristine environments.

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Block the noise with quiet headphones so that you can really FEEL IT!
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