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  • Written by  El Jay

Quick Tips For Saving More Electricity

Looking for some easy ways to keep that meter from spinning so quickly? Here are some small things that we all can do to save those kilowatts in your grow room.

Electricity controllerElectricity controllerEnvironmental Controllers

Controllers are excellent for turning grow room devices like dehumidifiers, fans, pumps, and other equipment on and off. By using devices on an as-needed basis (as opposed to just letting your fans run), you’ll save a lot of juice. Plus, you’ll also have a lot more control over your grow room.



Timer for energy savingTimer for energy saving

Timers, Timers, Timers!

Put timers on everything. Put them on supplemental lights, like verticals. Put them on any devices that are only needed during your carefully controlled light or dark cycle, including fans, evacuation pumps, carbon filters – anything and everything.



Legions of Fans

Use fans instead of an air conditioner whenever you can, as they are generally a much lower wattage cooling method.


Dim the ballastDim the ballast


Dim Your Ballast

Most digital ballasts today have a dimmable function, which you can use if you can spare some yield to save on utilities. Simply turn a dial and the ballast will step down its wattage from 1,000 watts to 750 watts, and down again to somewhere between 500 and 600 watts, depending on the manufacturer.

Also, you can download the official saving energy guide from US department of energy here.

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