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Obama or Romney for President: What if There’s a Better Choice?

  • Written by  Amber Lovejoy
Will Obama, Romney, Ron Paul or someone else put your family and the earth first and make America great again? Will Obama, Romney, Ron Paul or someone else put your family and the earth first and make America great again?


What choices do you have when you vote for president in 2012? President Obama was raised in near-poverty and fought his way up to become a Harvard law professor and now he’s the president. Mitt Romney was born into a wealthy political family, made a lot of money closing companies, ran the Olympics, was governor of Massachusetts, and now wants to be in the White House, instead of Obama. Bill Clinton gave a great convention speech on behalf of Obama but…

As a progressive, environmentalist, woman’s rights advocate, hydroponics gardener, anti-GMO campaigner, bicyclist, jogger, and breather, neither Obama nor Romney are even close to being the kind of person I want for president.

For president, do I vote for the lesser of two evils, or someone I truly respect and believe in?

There are big differences between the two men’s biographies, and their policies on abortion, gay and lesbian rights, health care, and taxes.

Other than that, they’re two sides of the same coin, as are the two major political parties. On many of the biggest issues we face—war, banker bailouts, climate change, civil liberties—these guys, and the GOP and Democratic parties that support them, are too similar.

People like me are forced to look for “third party” candidates, knowing all the while that third party candidates “can’t win.”

I first looked at Ron Paul. The libertarian from Texas makes sense when he talks about ending foreign and domestic wars. But on other issues that matter to me and my progressive friends, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson and other libertarian candidates lack the idealism, compassion, and kindness that I want to see in a leader.

They’re too much into freedom for people to do whatever they heck they want to do, no matter how much it hurts other people and the environment. Sorry libertarians, but libertarian politicians just don’t care enough about protecting the environment, civil rights, and social justice.

I find myself most in tune with the Green Party--because I get it that if we continue to use up earth materials and other species while pouring poisons into our food, soil, air, water, and children—we are going to be living on a dead planet pretty soon.

But even if Dr. Jill Stein, the 2012 Green Party candidate, was not running for president, I’d still think she was better qualified to help America than Obama or Romney.

Why? First of all, she’s a medical doctor (graduate of Harvard Medical School) and a musician who has devoted herself to being an internal medicine physician, medical school professor, and public health advocate.

That tells you a lot about her right there: she devoted her life 100% to helping people, not making money, not politics. Helping.

Stein is a visionary. She’s been part of a public academic movement consortium that reports on the threats we all face from pollution, drought, the paving of paradise.

But Stein’s reports, and her progressive anti-war, pro-peace platform as a Green Party presidential candidate, are more than just warnings.

Stein outlines practical ways to transform our earth-killing economy into an earth-healing economy that promotes real prosperity, community health, environmental beauty, and a more ethical way of life not based on ever-increasing consumption of the planet.

With experience as a tireless, successful advocate for health, environmental protection, campaign finance reform, health care reform, and public health expert, Stein has more than enough experience in the political process to silence critics who say that presidents have to be career politicians who attract big money donations from Wall Street, the military-industrial complex, and other corporate interests.

The Green Party is home for those of us who no longer believe that the two major political parties are “radical” enough to turn America away from disaster and towards a better future.

But isn’t voting for a third party presidential candidate just throwing your vote away? Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have hundreds of millions of dollars to spend on their election campaigns.

Stein is blocked out of presidential debates, censored by the mainstream media, and will never get a penny of political donations (bribes) from the large corporate interests that fund Obama and Romney.

So if you’re considering voting for the Romney or Obama “lesser of two evils” in this November’s presidential election, please consider voting instead for a physician, environmentalist, mom, and public health advocate who represents a third party that has an inspiring plan that much more resembles what you and I really want.

Obama and Romney have the big money and the high-profile conventions, television ads, and speeches. Jill Stein has your best interests at heart. I’ll go Green in November. For the future of all of us, and our planet.

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