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Hating on Obama, Evolution and Darwin: Who Let the Attack Dog Eat Dogs Out?

  • Written by  Nigel Salazar
"The dog eat dog world: poor, sick, having trouble...just go ahead and die already." "The dog eat dog world: poor, sick, having trouble...just go ahead and die already."

When President Obama described the Republican budget plan as “social Darwinism,” he stepped into a pile of steaming dog doo that will stink up the whole house, including the White House

Because if you ask most people about evolution and scientist Charles Darwin who pioneered it, you find out why the United States ranks so low in science education.

In fact, right-wing American politicians are attempting to ban Darwin and evolution from public schools, or mandate the teaching of what they see as an alternative to evolution, which is that somebody invisible created the universe in a few days.

To put it as simply as possible, all Darwin said is that organisms and their offspring survive or don’t survive based on whether their genetics, mutations and actions given them the edge necessary so they do survive.

But what Obama meant by “social Darwinism” is not about biological evolution. Obama’s talking about the idea that human society is meant to be survival of the fittest, dog eat dog, you do your best, I do my best, if I end up broke and hungry that’s too bad for me, if you end up rich that’s great for you, if I need help nobody is obligated to provide it, especially not the government, which can only help if it confiscates money via taxes and fees and then transfers that money to other people who didn’t earn it.

In a world dominated by social Darwinism, there are no labor unions. No government agencies that step in to prevent corporations from exploiting workers or polluting the environment. No programs like Medicaid, Social Security and Medicare to help old people, disabled people, sick and dying people, starving children. No public schools.

In social Darwinism America, if private folks want to help the sick, poor and suffering, that’s fine. But social Darwinists (SD) and Libertarians like Ron Paul say it’s wrong for the government to take money from the haves and give it to the have-nots. In the SD world, help comes from private people, and the government has nothing to say about it, and not much to do. It lets people fail. It lets them die. Survival of the fittest…loser.

Who needs old people, sick people, or poor people? Just let them die.

In case you think I am a “liberal,” think again. For example, I chose not to have children because I could not afford to do it right. But every year the government takes several thousand dollars from me in taxes, and part of that money goes to teenage girls who forget to use birth control, have kids, and are paid by the government to do it.

That’s welfare and I don’t like it. It’s also welfare when the government takes my money and hands it to war profiteers so trillions of tax dollars go to supporting wars I don’t believe in.

On the other hand, I can’t afford medical care for my elderly father who won medals for valor in the Korean war, worked 51 years of his life paying taxes, and never took a dime of anybody’s money until he had a major heart attack at age 80.

The only reason he’s alive is because he gets help from Social Security and Medicaid. But the social Darwinism doctor in the emergency room the night my father had his heart attack said to me, “Well, your father has lived past the government’s life expectancy. Why should we keep him alive?”

If I had not been there, the doctor would have chosen not to give my father the shot that restarted his heart. My father would be dead. And so what, right? It wasn’t your father, so why should your tax dollars help a war hero?

Let’s get real about social Darwinism and evolution. President Obama is probably still wiping the doggie-doo off his feet. He asks us to consider an America, the one apparently favored by right-wing Republicans, in which the government helps nobody. Are you ready for that world?

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