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Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman & President Obama: What Could A Parent Say?

  • Written by  Amber Lovejoy

Two guys met on a rainy night in Florida. Trayvon Martin wore a hoodie. George Zimmerman wore a gun.

When it was done, there was a dead one, and the other one was in hiding, on the run.

More than two million people signed a petition demanding Mr. Zimmerman be arrested. So far, he has not been.

President Obama speculated that if he and Michelle Obama had a son along with their two daughters, the son would have looked like Trayvon.

The black community says the shooting of Trayvon, and the non-arrest of his shooter, are symbols of entrenched racism…a war on young black men.

Try to channel the minds and hearts of the two mothers most involved with this—the mothers of Trayvon and George.

Past the early and predictably shallow media coverage portraying Trayvon as an angelic “child” and George as a vigilante monster, I found depth reporting suggesting Trayvon was a bright, friendly, Bob Marley fan who was hoping to go to college.

George was a dynamic guy with anger management problems, viewed as a valuable member of an enclave community, a friend to neighborhood kids.

Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman: Brothers in Blood

Trayvon’s mother heard Geraldo Rivera blame her son for his own death. He shouldn’t have been wearing that damned hoodie, Rivera said, later apologizing for saying it, but glad to have gotten his faded faux news celebrity name into the spotlight of fame.

Millions of people, including civil rights leaders Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, call for the shooter’s immediate arrest, saying George Zimmerman was out for blood that night, prejudiced against black kids, guilty of murder.

What could the mothers say? For sure that they went through the pains of birth and child-raising, hoping their sons grew up to be healthy achievers, moving forward and upward in society, noted for admirable lives.

That they wished for their sons a good place in an America that is increasingly tough to find a good place in.

And certainly that George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin would have better known how to deal with the surreal, brutal urban American landscape, where just about anybody can pack a concealed gun, where Florida’s politicians and the National Rifle Association (NRA) push laws making it ridiculously easy to “stand your ground” by chasing someone who was running away from you, claim self-defense, and walk free.

And what of the police? You and I know that if we shot somebody, or even if we only got caught with the wrong medicine in our car, we’d be arrested.

We would be interrogated for hours if not days, and to get out of jail, we’d have to post bail.

The cold hard facts: One mother stands graveside mourning her lost son. The other mother cowers inside her home, hearing protesters and media vilify her for raising a “racist murderer.”

President Obama stands on a platform…says his phantom son would have looked like Trayvon.

In a country loaded with guns, asphalt, and conflict, the President who won the Nobel Peace Prize cannot create peace between his citizens.

There will be no Easter-like resurrection of Trayvon Martin. And whether or not he is arrested and put on trial, George Zimmerman will live the rest of his life with the blood of a teenager on his soul and hands.

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